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This sweatshirt features the cover artwork for Marvel Comics Presents Vol. 1 #79 titled “Weapon X: Chapter Seven”. The artwork shows Logan hooked up to the Weapon X machinery that would bind him to adamantium, as bone claws are seen emerging from his hands.

In this issue, Logan is captured and prepared for the adamantium bonding process. There are several mentions of his being tough, and the Professor, the director of the Weapon X program, along with his assistants Dr. Cornelius and Miss Hines, wipe his mind and bond him to adamantium, the hardest known substance on Earth, to prepare him to be a mindless, soulless killing machine.

Wolverine is one of the most popular superheros of all time, and his backstory is one of the most fascinating. Everyone will know you are a fan of the incredible mutant and his exciting comics when you wear this Weapon X Marvel Comics Sweatshirt!

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Weapon X Marvel Comics Sweatshirt

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