Effective Relaxing Kit for Dogs made with the calming power of botanicals and aromatherapy

Only Natural Pet Relax Kit for Dogs is the ideal combination for an anxious dog.

This kit includes 3 products curated to work together to calm your dog. Take the stress out of your life with this Just Relax Kit!

Only Natural Pet Just Relax Calming Medallion features a unique infusion of valerian root and lavender. The Just Relax Calming Medallion uses aromatherapy to keep your dog relaxed throughout the day. The medallion is with your dog at all times, allowing the essential oils to effectively calm anxious behavior in a natural, non-sedative way.

Just Relax Calming Medallion simply attaches to your dog’s collar and works for 15 days, making sure your dog is never caught off guard by car trips, fireworks, thunderstorms, separation anxiety, veterinary visits or any other stressful situation.

Only Natural Pet Just Relax Calming Soft Chews feature a potent dose of holistically blended herbs and vitamins, Just Relax Calming Soft Chews soothe nerves without sedating or altering your furry companion’s personality. The all natural formulation of B vitamins and herbs, including chamomile, passion flower and valerian, allow for daily relaxation or use in high stress situations.

Only Natural Pet Just Relax Calming Spray combines the time-proven calming power of valerian root and lavender, Just Relax Calming Spray creates a calming environment for your dog using aromatherapy. As the essential oils disperse, the fragrance will leave a non-sedative, calming effect on your dog.

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Relax Kit

Only Natural Pet Relax Kit for Dogs

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